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Koi Collection USA
176 Saddle River Avenue
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John Lentzis

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The rotary drum filter fromKoi-Collection is a self-cleaning, mechanical filter. With this filter Koi-Collection provides mechanical filtration at it’s best. The integrated micro-screen offers the perfect removal of waste particles out of the pond water.



The main features are:

-optimal mechanical filtration
-virtually zero maintenance
-can be used in gravitational systems or pump-fed
-material HDPE, robust construction
-incl. collector chamber 
-in gravitation systems the top of the filter will stick out only 160mm above the pond water level
-the sensors are installed in transparent pipes outside of the filter. Therefore the flushing level can be adjusted very easily.
-sensors use 12V current, therefore the operation is very safe
-sensor made of stainless steel. It operates without any swimmers (high accuracy).
-spray nozzles with quick-fit couplings, easy to clean.
-drum bearings are sealed with Teflon seals.
-motor pivot rod, gear and drive chain are made of stainless steel.
-the motor is automatically stopped when the cover is opened (increased safety).
-inspection hole for easy access to the waste water tray
-including electrical control panel with the following functions:

                -setting of the flushing duration
                -manual flushing
                -emergency stop button

-including high-pressure jet-pump.



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