Technical Specification Modell KC-30

Technical Data/Specification


Self-cleaning mechanical rotary drum filter for koi and garden ponds .


KC 30


Koi-Collection Indonesia

Jl. Raya Parpostel 96

Jati Asih, Bekasi 17423


Materials of construction:

HDPE:                Casing, Filter Drum, Support Mesh, Waste Water Tray etc.

Stainless Steel:  Drive gear, Chain, Screws, Motor Pivot Rod

Teflon:                Bearing seals

PVC:                   Waste water pipe, Drum gear, tensioners

Aluminium:         Corner Protectors of the casing

PP:                     Spray Nozzles

Nylon:                 Filter screen

Dimensions Casing (without cover and connections):

Length:  760mm  (29.9 inch)

Width:    600mm  (23.6 inch)

Height:   610mm  (24.0 inch)

Dimensions Filter Drum:

Dia.:       500mm  (19.70 inch)

Width:    450mm  (17,70 inch)

Surface area filter screen (gross):

0,675 m² (7,27 square feet)

Surface area filter screen (net):

0,586 m² (6,31 square feet)

Mesh size filter screen:

Mesh/micron:   300/40

Max. Flow Rate:

30 m³ / h (7,895 US gallons/hour)

Installation Height above water level:

160 mm (6.3 inch)

Dimensions Inlet and Outlet:

Inlet:                          3 x 110 mm (4 inch)

Outlet:                       3 x 110 mm (4 inch)

Waste Water Outlet: 1 x 4inch

Connection jet-pump:     1 inch

Connection spray bar:    3/4 inch

Electrical Supply Control Unit:

220 Volt / 50 Hz (standard model)

110 Volt / 60 Hz (US model)

Electrical Supply Sensor/Motor:

12 Volt / 24 Volt

Classification Control Unit Casings:


Classification Buttons/Switches Control Unit:


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